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In my free time, I enjoy....

  • Playing Piano

Playing piano is one of my biggest free time hobbies. Whenever I listen to a nice song I somehow feel committed to I often try to find that song and start playing it. Other than that, I like to play pop songs\ballads, film scores, classical music and a few classic rock songs.

  • Photography

Taking DSLR pictures is another core hobbby\interest of me. Specifically, I like to take architecture\landscape pictures, macro pictures, pictures of animals and HDR pictures. Futhermore, I also like taking pictures of city landscapes in the later evening using bulb exposure, often in combination with HDR.

  • Sports

I enjoy various sports activities such as biking, jogging, playing tennis, windsurfing and especially swimming. Over the course of the winter time, I usually go to fitness centers to do sports.  

  • Literature

I enjoy reading books and various magazines (such as psychology magazines, HR, business magazines, lifestyle magazines). When it comes to reading books, I prefer factual books on various topics (culture, society, religion, economics, astronomy), rather than reading novels. However, I also like to read some novels if they are considered to be part of universal literature. My favorite book in the latter category is Shakespeare's Macbeth, Aldous Huxley's Brave New World and J.D. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye.